We are requesting expression of interest for membership in the St. Martin's Cohousing Seed Group. This will be a group of 4 to 6 people who are seriously interested in purchasing a unit within this future development, and can help to begin growing the community efficiently, in order to capitalize on this time sensitive opportunity. In the fall, membership will open up to others who are interested in purchasing a unit. Over the summer, the Seed Group will begin community building, refine tested cohousing foundation documents (group identity, membership, decision making and conflict resolution processes), define criteria for legal structures, and refine design criteria.


In collaboration with a skilled group facilitator and the project's Architect, this Seed Group group will develop a community identity and design that is attractive to a larger group so as to expand the group membership and acquire "Intent-to-Purchase" agreements starting in the fall of 2017 with move-in anticipated in 2021. The success of this project depends on pre-sales.

If you feel you would be an asset to this Seed Group, please tell us about yourself by submitting a short paragraph description including the following:

- some background about yourself

- any experience with cohousing

- any leadership experiences

- involvement in other community oriented activities

If you would like to be part of the Seed Group, please submit your paragraphs to us by email.


A discounted entry fee of $400 dollars will be charged for each household participating in the Seed Group. This will help cover the cost of group facilitation and architectural work during this time period. A higher entry fee will also be charged to members joining the group in the fall, in order to cover the balance of fees already incurred.

- your interest in cohousing

- your interest in this site specifically

- your purchase intent for this site

- your time availability