The purpose of Study Group I is to work together to define what living in a cohousing community could mean for us now, and as we age.  The study sessions will be the forum for our first stages of group formation.


The Senior Co-housing Handbook, by Charles Durrett (New Society Publishers, 2009) - Outline covered in Chapter 7

Session # 1: Aging in place and aging in community


Session # 2: Group process & conflict resolution


Session # 3: Realities of getting older


Session # 4: Co-care & outside care

Session # 5: Co-healing: staying emotionally healthy through community

Session # 6: Economics of getting older

Session # 7: Mortality & spirituality


Session # 8: What we as a seniors community have to offer the world


Session # 9: Risk-taking


Session # 10: Looking at cohousing communities & cohousing designs, assisted care, shared houses, etc.