Does the cohousing group establish the design criteria for the development project that will become their home?


Yes and No. There are two major things to consider before establishing cohousing: the fundamentals of cohousing and the development industry.

Cohousing Fundamentals: Households join the group because they would

like to share in the fundamental ideas of cohousing; living in a community where

interaction with neighbours is a regular part of life, including weekly meals

together, but having one's own dwelling unit. Cohousing experience from

around the world indicates that 20-30 dwelling units work best.

“What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it.” 
~ C.S. Lewis

Development Industry: The project will be built in an urban area of Ottawa, comply with Ottawa's Official Plan, the Ontario Building Code and all other governing regulations. It will have the legal structure of a condominium. In order to secure financing, it will have to be very much like other condos, just with a greater proportion of common spaces and a significant design nuance to allow for it's community intent. This project will aim to sell at market rates, so budget is another criteria in developing cohousing. Each unit will have to carry it's share of the cost of common spaces.

From the above,                                            is extrapolated. 


So what does all this mean then? What will the place be like? What's left to design?


Design work will be divided into two phases:                                                  and