This is a timeline for a cohousing project starting in the Fall of 2016 with a move-in date of 2020:


For those still interested in pursuing living in cohousing, Study Group II will run from January – June, 2017 to engage in participatory design of a co-housing project for 15-25 units. The fees for this group facilitate the costs of an architect and project manager developing a design and project budget.

The fee for Study Group II is $3000 per household.


By mid-2018, the group will be ready to sign a Purchase Agreement through a turnkey arrangement with a Developer involving an estimated $6000 investment per household in order to get all the necessary approvals with the City. Once the approvals are finalized, 70% sales are required to begin construction (approximately 1 year). Units and membership will be pre-sold, as with any condo development, but to participating members only. If all goes well, members can expect to move into their units in 2020.