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In a Cohouse Community each household has their own private unit and autonomy located within in a vital and integral community that has shared values and spaces.

​Cohouses are created around households that join together to form a group that has shared values and goals, including where to live and how much you can afford.  There are different types of groups that are commonly formed, each with their own uniqueness. 

Benefits to Cohousing include additional security, shared interior and exterior spaces, more efficient energy usage, shared grounds and maintenance.  Living in a community where interaction with neighbors is a regular part of life, including occasional meals together, but at the same time also having one's own private home. 

Residents gain facilities in a cohouse that they would not have been able to afford on their own, for example access to a pool or a workshop, however, the cost of the shared amenities are compensated by each household living with a smaller private home footprint. The overall financial requirements are approximately equal to going it on your own with a newly built private property.