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Community is your priority

We make community possible

Building like-minded groups and guiding development

Ottawa Cohousing leads you home to your custom community

We all want a residence that's just right for each of us and for our family.

A place where we can relax,

get re-energized,

feel supported,

a space that we love to come home to. 

How does this sound ....

Living in your own new home with as much privacy as you want, but located in a community of neighbours with whom you enjoy the benefits of shared values and spaces, a supportive and vibrant community life. 

Think shared weekly dinners 🍽️🍷shared activity spaces ⛹🎨 maybe gardens 🍅🌻🍆 maybe a workshop🔨

THIS is living in a cohousing community 

and Ottawa Cohousing is building this healthy and climate friendly housing model in our Our City!

We are looking for Cohousing Community Members and Investors.

ABOUT Cohousing Communities
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