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Ottawa Cohousing events published here are open to the public.

Some events may require a small cover charge or suggested donation. Some will require registration. 

Clients on the Intake Roster have free access (annual membership) to this series. 


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Double Event!


Ottawa Cohousing vous invitent au lancement du livre,

Loger à la Même Adresse 

Independent Journalist and author, Gabrielle Anctil, is joining us from Montreal to introduce her book in both English and French. Her recently published book speaks to Intentional Community living, joining forces in the face of the housing crisis, isolation and poverty, based on research and personal experience.

Good Eats Cafe

207 Bell St North (South of Gladstone)

Saturday, March 2, 2024
2 - 3 pm

Gabrielle-Anctil-credit-julie-Artacho-2 (1).jpg
followed by....

Great Rivers Cohousing  MEET and GREET

Great Rivers Cohousing Group is hosting a welcoming event where you can get acquainted with the core members and their vision for an urban walkable community.


Join group members and Ottawa Cohousing in this engaging get together where you will learn what Exploring this group is all about.

Good Eats Cafe

207 Bell St North (South of Gladstone)

Saturday, March 2, 2024
3 - 5 pm

Great Rivers October 2023-10-28.png


march 2024 - BOOK LAUNCH

Loger à la Même Adresse 

Independent Journalist and author, Gabrielle Anctil, presented to a packed room, introducing her research into intentional communities and introducing her newly published book. Written in accessible French, Gabrielle speaks to Intentional Community living, joining forces in the face of the housing crisis, isolation and poverty, based on research and personal experience.

Gabrielle-Anctil-credit-julie-Artacho-2 (1).jpg

Great Rivers Cohousing  MEET and GREET

Great Rivers Cohousing Group hosted a welcoming event for anyone interested in their group and cohousing in general.  Springing forth from this very well attended event is a new cohort of Spring Explorers to the group!

Great Rivers October 2023-10-28.png

Saturday, December 2, 2023
Intake Holiday SOCIAL

Giggles at Social.png
Mike at Social.png
Social chatter.png

Great Rivers Cohousing WELCOMING EVENT

Our Urban Walkable Multigenerational Group welcomed 9 new households as Explorers!

This cohort of Explorers will participate in Group social get togethers and project meetings from September to December, 2023.  By the end of this year they will individually decide if they are ready to become Core members.

Space Travel

Are you ready to explore Cohousing? 

April, 2023 - SPRING SOCIAL

Looking for the photos for this very happening event. Fun was had by all. 

February, 2023 - The Gathering v.2

Fantastic turn out!

Fantastic panel

of cohousing residents and consultants who generously shared their knowledge and experiences in forming and living in a cohousing  community.

We all came out of this discussion richer in community and more focused on direction.

gathering v.2.png

Contact Ottawa Cohousing for the recording of the event!

January, 2023 - IKEA Dine and Design

Rosaline Hill, is a master of downsizing and Ikea provides an opportune setting to see how we can all manager in smaller than we think spaces.  Discover the pre set rooms they have arranged.

Brightly Lit Kitchen
Eating Ice Cream
Yellow Armchair
Eating Hamburger

December, 2022 - Intake SOCIAL

🎶 OH what fun, we had tonight, in a one room open space. 🎶


The cohousing curious and afficionados came out in numbers and packed our event with questions and great conversations.

The Great Rivers Cohousing group REPRESENTED their vision, their thoughtfulness and their new name!  (Group A is no longer....)

Some things we discovered.... 

Katherine can 'work' a room!

The Clocktower has delicious Korean cauliflower!

Linda likes trivia!

People have super and similar ideas of what they want to share in community!

Rosaline rocks a Q and A session!

October/November, 2022 - Do It Like the Danes! 

Here is what our attendees said of our conversation with the Danish cohousing community....

"Thank you all; it was very informative." P.E. 

"It was so informational, interesting and encouraging for cohousing in Ottawa... we could have had another hour of discussions with our Danish friends, and with everyone who participated."


"I appreciate now that it is also very difficult to get things going even in a forward thinking society like Denmark"


"So glad you are having all these events." S.M.. 

"Thank you to everyone for their involvement and learning!!" S.Y.

"Thank you to all panelists and to Ottawa Cohousing for organizing."


Danish cohousing complex 1.jpg

SEPTEMBER, 2022 - Sustainability Showcase & Electric Vehicle Exhibition

What a super turn out!  It was so great to see new and familiar faces at the Ottawa Cohousing table at the Sustainability Showcase, organized by the SMARTNet Alliance.

You certainly kept us busy at this one of a kind Ottawa event featuring business' and organizations focused on offering sustainability solutions in the region.

HOrticulture building.jpg

Ottawa Cohousing was on hand to explain how Cohousing communities, as a housing choice, aligns with those seeking to reduce their negative environmental impact.

For further information on cohousing as a sustainable housing option, you can listen to the Green Drinks event on Sustainable Housing that we were part of in August 2022.

AUGUST, 2022 - Getting your Ducks in a Row

LYSA DIXON mortgage specialist and resident of Little Mountain Cohousing led attendees through the intimidating process of financing required to create cohousing communities.  

An invaluable source of information, Lysa may be consulted by those seeking guidance on how to approach personal financing in the process of creating a cohousing community. 

Mortgage Professional, TMG Averbach Mortgages

604 817 1751

Lysa is a BC licensed Mortgage Professional


JULY, 2022 - Soul Sister under construction Tour

July, 2022, participants in the tour gathered together and were split into 4 groups to get personalized tours of the site by the Soul Sisters.

Enormous thanks to the Soul Sisters and their construction workers who assisted with the tour to answer all the curious questions. This event was a pivotal inspiration to many who attended.

Photos from the tour can be found on the Examples of Cohousing page.

Article in All Things Home


JUNE, 2022 .... Building Better Solstice BBQ

Ottawa Cohousing and our interested clients paid homage to the longest day of the year, as we joined with three leading Green Builders in our region for dinner and chatter on sustainability

A big THANK YOU to all who braved the soggy weather to make our cozy and informative event.


MAY, 2022 - "MAKING IT WORK"  Insights into Group Dynamics

WOW! Our speakers delivered as promised a thorough and clear discussion on Group Dynamics involved in cohousing!

For those continuing on with us into Affinity groups, you will find much of this valuable shared insight and information incorporated into our Group lessons. A big thank you to Suzanne and Kathy and all who attended this very civil and engaging event.


Contacts for our guest speakers:

Kathy McGrenera

Suzanne Gagnon

APRIL, 2022 - PUB Party Room PLAY  Social

We were very happy to engage with our small group during Happy Hour at the Barley Mow!

While a larger crowd had been anticipated, the intimacy of a small group allowed for cross connecting together, deep learning about cohousing in general, and who Ottawa Cohousing is specifically.


We are already looking forward to our next opportunity to share Cohousing Trivia with all of our friends in cohousing!  Such an entertaining way to learn about cohousing and related items.

MARCH, 2022 : The Architecture of Community

Thank you to all our lovely guests who joined us for an active and participatory session on design for community!

Rosaline engaged our group of communitarians in identifying what architectural features make for a cohousing community, what constraints tend to be a challenge and how design decisions can impact costs. 

It was a real delight to see everyone in person to share thoughts and appetites, (creative and actual), together.

logo rjh 2.jpg
Stephen and Rosaline1.jpg
layout exercise march event.JPG
Community layouts and comments.JPG

FEBRUARY, 2022 : The Gathering 

We asked and they came! 

Our panel of cohousing residents joined us from their various homes across the country.

For the attending Ottawa resident cohousing Wanna-be's or cohousing Not-so-sure's, our panelists dropped pearls of wisdom and lived lessons into our ears.  We are so grateful to have spent this valuable time with them.


The after panel show continued with the learning and discussions and comparisons.  


Our opening event was a great success.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  We really appreciate the healthy turn out of interested attendees.  For those that missed the event, or if you need a recap, see here for a link to the recording. 

Passcode: e7cU$Ab%

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