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1. Future cohousing residents are asked to fill out a detailed intake form that allows us to gather pertinent data and details that we need for adequate MATCHMAKING for creating potential groups.


2. When we have identified a potential group, the selected members will be asked to attend a SEED MEETING. At this meeting members will be introduced and engage in a facilitated discussion to determine if there is enough interest and alignment to continue the process together.  A core group identified in this manner is now called an AFFINITY GROUP, and receives their Ottawa Cohousing Guidebooks.


3. The newly created AFFINITY GROUP participates in a series of group work meetings (modules as outlined in the Guidebook) in order to accomplish three parallel tasks:  


  • BECOMING A COMMUNITY Ottawa Cohousing leads the group through a series of group development steps that will determine and inform their social organization, legal documentation, governance, recruitment, etc. 

  • FINDING A SITE **The Affinity Group refines their site selection criteria, and reviews site options as they become available and as schematic analyses are provided by the architect, Rosaline Hill. 

  • ASSEMBLING A DEVELOPMENT TEAM AND FINANCING STRUCTURE With each potential site, Ottawa Cohousing introduces a project team and financing strategy. Sometimes the project manager will be the developer who owns the site.  

4. In order to move ahead, the Affinity Group must select a site AND agree to the proposed development team and financing structure. Ottawa Cohousing will oversee the preparation of agreements and contracts.  Papers will be signed.  Deposits will be paid. 

5. During design, city approvals and construction phases, Ottawa Cohousing acts as a liaison between the Affinity Group and the development professionals.

Ottawa cohousing community neighborhood

6. After construction is finished and residents have moved in, Ottawa Cohousing is available to assist the new cohousing community with a variety of services that they may want to call upon, depending on the needs of the community.

For example, assistance with the sale or rental of units, maintenance plans, community facilitation and/or mediation services.

 ** Ottawa Cohousing is constantly seeking suitable sites for cohousing development.  Once found, we move quickly to either present the site to an established Affinity Group, or if we find a juicy site first, we will move fast to pull together potential residents from our Roster to see if we can form an Affinity Group suitable to that particular site.

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