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Can I afford to live in and be involved in developing a cohousing community? 

Building costs for your private residence PLUS your financial contribution (share) for shared amenities and spaces are comparable to what you would pay for a similar but slightly larger new unit in Ottawa.


What you lose in the size of your own personal footprint, you gain in generous common spaces and community living. Shared and common resources typically result in less living expenses over time. 

Just as you would study and prepare your personal finances in the process of buying a new home, you will need to prepare and study your available financing to buy into the cohousing development.  

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Will there be rental units made available?

While the majority of the residents will own their own residence and co-own the total cohousing property, there may be opportunities for rental units as well.  In the case of renting, tenants may need to be able to commit long term to the cohousing community. This may involve longer than average leases, they may take on increased responsibility regarding the regular maintenance of their rented unit and a share in responsibility of the shared common spaces and amenities.

In a cohousing community where most units are owner-occupied, including one or more rental units allows for some advantages over time.  Rental units can provide flexibility for families as situations and living arrangement needs change.  Rental units can house caretakers, elderly parents, or adult children.

When do I need to have the BIG money ready?

During the early development stage there will be some costs that the group members will need to share.


Once the Affinity Group approves the drawings, at the completion of the Design Development Phase, the units will be available for presale to group members.  Members will need to place a down payment (15 - 20%) 

towards the final price, or, in the case of future tenants will be signing a lease agreement to reserve their rental unit.  It will then take a couple of more years for the project to be fully constructed and ready for move-in. 


At the time of move-in the majority (remainder) of the unit cost will need to be paid out. 

The initial start-up costs to be paid to Ottawa Cohousing are outlined in NEXT STEPS

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