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Great Rivers Cohousing is a new developing multigenerational cohousing community project which will be located in urban Ottawa and anticipated to complete in 2026


The members are creating a community that is supportive and welcoming through a spirit of intentional connectivity. The site they will select will be located in a walkable neighborhood of Ottawa with street character and close to nature and transit.


They are guided by equitable and thoughtful decision making based on their chosen core values of:

Collaboration  -  Kindness   Inclusion   Environmental Sustainability

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“All my life I have wanted to live within in a caring community. At last it’s becoming real for me in Ottawa.” 

"It's satisfying to already feel a sense of community through working with these special people who will (one day soon) be our neighbours."

"I like the sense of community that cohousing offers."

“It is exciting to be able to plan our Cohousing project with such dedicated, caring people, soon to be my community members.”

 “I look forward to building my village through cohousing.”

"I love the idea of raising my kids in an intentional community that is urban, has a low carbon footprint and where people care about the city and the neighbours around them."

 Are these YOUR future neighbours?

Current Stage of Project:

  • Embracing the skills and energy of new Core members, designing the next steps in the project.

  • Soft search on a suitable site

  • Website development

  • Defining and documenting the pillars of their community charter.

The building(s) design will accommodate the needs of the members.

The site choice and building design and layout will allow for engaging common areas and inclusion of agreed upon shared amenities. 

The building form will be low rise multi-unit building(s), of maximum 4 story, or row housing to attain their vision of community, while staying within budget. 

Each private residence will be fully sound insulated and have its own private patio or balcony.​

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The community will:

  • Accommodate 14 to 24 households

  • Be located in a quiet and “walkable” neighbourhood in urban Ottawa, within a 15-minute walk of:

    • ​​Delightful shopping amenities 

    • Natural green space and major water way

    • Convenient public transit

  • Use Sociocracy as a tool for efficient and equitable decision making

  • Create and maintain a community governance structure that embodies their core values

The Great Rivers Cohousing Group is open to new exploring members.

They seek to attract a diversity of interested households to create a truly multigenerational and multicultural community of belonging.

You can reach them at:


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