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Ottawa Cohousing will be seeking Project Managers/Construction Managers interested in creating viable, creative and successful cohousing communites within the Metropolitan Ottawa region. 

We match cohesive groups to development sites and a construction/project manager to take on the work of constructing the cohousing development and to coordinate construction and bridge financing. Ottawa Cohousing will assist with the assembly of a consultant team and get the ball rolling. 

We are the liaison between the Consultants, the Construction Manager and the Cohousing Client group. 

TIMING: The group work is done in tandem with the site assessments and design work. So that by the time the group is finished with their working modules, they have a project manager/construction manager lined up and ideally have a site confirmed.

Rosaline J. Hill Architecture Inc. will be hired as the leading development consultant and architect.  RJH will design, draft and 3D model; oversee necessary City approvals; submit required applications and permits; and prepare construction drawings

and specifications.

Ottawa cohousing community development housing

At the end of the design phase, purchase agreements and lease agreements will be signed.  A deposit will be required from purchasers (first and last

months rent from tenants).

Once the approvals are finalized (approximately 1 year) typically 70% sales are required to begin construction. Units and membership will be presold, as with any condo development.  New residents/households will be welcomed into the group if they are a good fit.

worker on construction site
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