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Architect & Development Consultant

Rosaline J. Hill

Directing Manager

Linda Kruus

Rosaline is an award-winning residential architect who has designed stunning homes and multi-unit developments in the Ottawa area for 2 decades, in addition to providing development advice and approvals expertise.  She has stimulated cutting edge research into neighborhood infill.


Linda is a connector.  She helps in finding compatible matches between people that enable their projects to move smoothly forward. Her deep sense of empathy is drawn from her extensive experiences with international traveling and local volunteerism, including working in and visiting intentional communities.

With her thorough knowledge of Ottawa's Official Plan and other regulations, Rosaline creates designs that win approvals and make the City a better place to live. 


Rosaline has previous experience in cohousing initiatives, and is the architect of Soul Sisters, a new Ottawa cohousing community which will be complete in 2022.  She is the founder of Walkable Ottawa.  She has worked as a development consultant for developer clients as well as for the City of Ottawa.

Rosaline has a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Architecture, from the University of Waterloo 

Ottawa Cohousing will use Rosaline J. Hill Architecture Inc. for the design and development of our cohousing communities.  

Having been an integral member of the Farm Boy Construction and Equipment Purchasing team, Linda understands the problem solving involved with large building projects.  She can navigate the capital budgeting and logistics that transpire to bring a project to a successful opening.  

As the Distribution Manager at Bridgehead Coffee Shop for close to a decade, Linda used her exceptional communication skills to coordinate three distinct teams and create a seamless distribution of internal and external support services and products for the 15 coffee shops.


Linda has a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Carleton University and is currently studying for her PMP certification.  She continues learning, through webinars, courses, and conferences, about all things related to supporting cohousing groups to reach their community goal. 

Research & Communications Associate
Lo Sirois 

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 5.13.29 PM.png

    You may have met them in one of the recent Information Sessions, or profited by a warm conversation over diligent note taking.


Lo is involved in offering info and enthusiasm to the public about cohousing, and welcoming inquiring members. They are involved in researching various avenues associated with the development of cohousing communities, forming collaborative connections in the region, and the germination of healthy group dynamics.


Lo brings deep understanding and prior experience in facilitation, collective work, graphics and communications to the team, and has a keen interest in fostering diversity & inclusion in community-led housing. 


Lo hopes to live in a cohousing community one day and is in the process of gathering what they need to do so - like, theatrical conflict resolution practices and dance choreographies... amongst more practical affairs. 


They are a settler of European decent living on unceded lands and are grateful beyond measure to be alive here.

"Building the Group -- Building the Brief -- Building the Building"

- Stephen Hill


Linda and Rosaline are constantly creating connection with professionals and experts in the housing development and cohousing arenas.  This ongoing collaboration continues to be extremely positive.

A list of highly qualified advisors and mentors grows in depth and breadth to support Ottawa Cohousing with guidance and expertise.  We provide high quality service with integrity and guide you every step of the way towards creating your successful community and investment. 

Contact us if you would like to explore a partnership, in some capacity, with our business.

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