Architect & Development Consultant

Rosaline J. Hill

Directing Manager

Linda Kruus

Rosaline is an award-winning residential architect who has designed stunning homes and multi-unit developments in the Ottawa area for 2 decades, in addition to providing development advice and approvals expertise.  She has stimulated cutting edge research into neighborhood infill.


Linda  has deep community roots in the Ottawa area, assisting in an operational context with the growth of several locally based business, including Bridgehead and Farm Boy. Her experience in design and management complements her  organizational skill set.

Rosaline has previous experience in cohousing initiatives, and is the architect of Soul Sisters, a new Ottawa cohousing community which will be complete in 2022.  She is the founder of Walkable Ottawa.  She has worked as a development consultant for developer clients as well as for the City of Ottawa.

Ottawa Cohousing will use Rosaline J. Hill Architecture Inc. for the design and development of our cohousing communities.  

Linda has a Bachelors of Industrial Design from Carleton University. She has studied and visited intentional communities and permaculture internationally and is continuously learning skills relevant to cohousing.  She stays connected to sustainability initiatives and equity-seeking organizations.  Linda approaches management of people and processes with a balance of emotional, logical and ethical intelligence. She excels at coordination and communication.

"Building the Group -- Building the Brief -- Building the Building"

- Stephen Hill


Linda and Rosaline are constantly seeking connection with professionals and experts in the housing development and cohousing arenas.  This ongoing collaboration continues to be extremely positive and the wider cohousing community is nothing but generously supportive of Ottawa Cohousing's focus and goals.

A list of highly qualified advisors and mentors grows in depth and breadth to support Ottawa Cohousing with guidance and expertise when needed.  This ensures Ottawa Cohousing is ready to provide consistent quality service to its clients.

Contact us if you would like to explore a partnership, in some capacity, with our business.