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Ottawa Sites for Development

Ottawa Cohousing already has multiple potential sites lined up!

We are continuously seeking appropriate development opportunities with a primary focus on:

  • Urban neighborhoods of Ottawa

  • New build row housing or multi-unit buildings (to maximize environmental benefits and lower operational utility costs)

  • Range of sizes and configurations to  accommodate communities of 12 to 35 units

  • Walkable neighborhoods (requiring fewer parking spaces)

Consideration is also extended to:

  • Renovation projects, if suitable

  • Suburban and rural developments

  • Urban sites that remain car-dependent, (one or more parking spaces required per household)

  • 4- and 8- unit developments (in 'long semis')

Long semis are buildings that look like single family homes but include 4 private residences of various sizes.  A pair of long semis could house a cohousing community of 8 households; a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units in two adjacent buildings.  Above is a series of long semis designed by Rosaline J Hill Architect. One of them is a cohousing community.

Townhouses can be designed to meet the needs of a cohousing community if space is available for a common house or shared amenity space. Above: Examples of townhouses designed by Rosaline J Hill Architect. 

Small apartment condo buildings can be designed to meet the needs of a cohousing community. Above: Examples of small apartment buildings designed by Rosaline J Hill Architect, 4 to 15 dwelling units. 

Larger sites allow a greater range of possibilities. Examples above by Rosaline J Hill Architect, 35+ private residence units. 

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