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Do you want to live in an Ottawa Cohousing Community?

  1. Are you seeking to move into a new home within 2 to 7 years?

  2. Do you want to live within an urban or regional neighborhood of Ottawa?

  3. Have you considered your financial plan?

  4. Can you afford a new home at market rates or provide consistent rental payments?

  5. Are you ready to participate in a cohousing group?

If you answered YES to ALL these questions, read on for how to further engage with Ottawa Cohousing.

Ottawa cohousing community neighborhoods
OC fees
  1. Contact us with any questions on our Intake Process.

  2. We will suggest that you and your household members fill out our Intake Form.

  3. We will arrange a personal intake interview with you, to answer any questions, before your Form is finalized.  We can explore our cost estimator with you so that you have a better understanding of the building costs involved per unit.

  4. At the time of final form submission, your intake fee will be required, ​we will then place you/your household onto our Intake Roster. 

  5. We continuously review our Roster to see what matches may work, i.e. what groups may be assembled, as clients onboard.

Not sure or not ready yet? 

Stay in touch, keep learning and join in when you are ready.

  • Fill out our Contact Form and we will add you to our email list.

  • Attend one of our free and personal Information Sessions 

  • Visit our social media posts and check back on our website for updates 

  • Continue to research cohousing, check out our listed Resources 

  • Join in our Speaker & Social series to continue learning and to meet other cohousing-minded individuals.

Intake Fee (per household):

Intake Interview............................. free

Intake Roster.................................... $50

(Speaker & Social events are free for those on Intake Roster)

Deposits towards Ottawa Cohousing service fee

The total Ottawa Cohousing service fee will be based on a percentage of your purchase price, the rate of which depends on the complexity of the project, group size, and extent of services. You will not require a purchasing real estate agent. Contact us for further details.

Ready to join immediately? 

Fill out our online Intake Form.

Feel free to contact us for a hard copy version, our Cost Estimator or any questions.


Info sessions


Ottawa Cohousing regularly hosts Information Sessions, for anyone seeking to learn more about cohousing communities and/or our services.

Info sessions are casual in nature and free to attend. You can choose between a virtual Zoom or an In-Person format. We add dates as they become needed and available, so check back on this page for future sessions.

Upcoming Info Sessions - 2023

In-Person (coffee shop/pub/park)

Saturday, April 1 - 3:00 to 4:00pm

Zoom (online - virtual)

Tuesday, March 21 -  7 to 8pm
Thursday, April 6 -  8 to

None of these time slots work for you?
 Contact us so we can meet your timing needs. 

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