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Fiddlehead Cohousing is creating a fun, livable cohousing space near Ottawa for individuals and families who value inclusivity and community.  This will be a multigenerational community,

situated in Almonte, an historic town of Lanark County.  

The group is seeking households of diverse ages, family sizes, and backgrounds to join them in creating their future home!

Completion goal timeline is not yet determined.

The Mississippi River of Eastern Ontario courses through Almonte, supporting old mills, riverfront restaurants and walking trails.  While it is within a 45 minute drive to Ottawa, Almonte has all the amenities needed to prosper independently, including its own hospital, high school, commercial district and a vibrant community life for its residents.  The municipality of Mississippi Mills, in which Almonte is situated, is welcoming of cohousing.


Original photo by Harold McKay

The building(s) design will accommodate the needs of the members.

The site choice and building design and layout will allow for engaging common areas and inclusion of agreed upon shared amenities. 

Building types will be chosen based on the budget allowance and being amenable to a smooth development process.  Each private residence will be fully sound insulated.

The community will:

  • Accommodate 20+ households

  • Govern themselves using equitable and efficient decision making systems.

  • Locate within a walk or bike ride distance of town amenities.

  • Will include outdoor space and gardens on site.

Fiddlehead Meeting.png

Current Stage of Project:

  • Recruiting additional members/households

  • Have started their Module meetings with Ottawa Cohousing

  • Considering what number of households will best suit their community.

  • Soul Searching their Core Values

Fiddlehead social.png

Do You Want to Explore this Group?

Contact Ottawa Cohousing to find out more about them and the exploration process. 

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